Hitachi Maxell Wireless Power Charger For iPhone 4

Charging your devices is always a hassle since most chargers may not be the most convenient means to charge them. Device users have to deal with cables and connectors to charge different devices. In the case of the Apple iPhone 4, Hitachi Maxell has introduced a Wireless Power Transmission system that will make charging the said device in a more convenient way.

The new Hitachi Maxell Wireless Power Transmission system is composed of a charging pad and a charging sleeve attached to the iPhone 4. This system makes use of electromagnetic induction technology in order to charge the device without the use of wires. Users would only need to place their iPhone 4 on top of the charging pad in order to charge it. This provides a convenient means of charging devices since wires have been eliminated this time. The Hitachi Wireless Power Charging system for the iPhone for is expected to be available in Japan around May. It is expected to cost around 6,900 Japanese Yen or US$83 for a set of one charging pad and one iPhone 4 sleeve.

Image Source: Hitachi Maxell

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