Hitachi G-Tech G-Drive Slim External HDD

With people looking for higher storage for their PC’s and laptops, upgrading its hard drive simply can become time consuming. That is why there are now a lot of external hard drives available that would help provide a suitable alternative. Such hard drives like the new Hitachi G-Drive Slim may provide some added storage space without the hassles.

The Hitachi G-Drive Slim External HDD is an ultra-slim external HDD designed for the Apple MacBook and the MacBook Pro. Its slim form factor makes it an ideal external HDD to bring along anywhere. And with 320GB worth of storage space that supports USB 2.0, it is pretty ideal to have as an additional storage drive when needed. It is already plug and play and no other installation steps needed. The Hitachi G-Drive Slim is available at Apple retail stores for US$100.

Image Source: G-Technology By Hitachi

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