Hitachi 6GB Microdrive Memory Card


If you’re familiar with Hitachi Microdrives, you’ll be glad to know that they just got a lot bigger. This new microdrive can store up to a whopping 6-GB of data which holds 50 percent more data than its previous microdrives. That means more music, more photos and more data.

The new 6GB Microdrive is also designed for extensive use. That means you can use it over and over again without wondering when it will every conk out on you. You’ll appreciate the amount of data storage that this small drive can handle simply because it’s so little yet it can duke it out with the best of the CFs and SDs out there.

So if you’re looking for reliability and capacity, look no further because the Hitachi 6GB Microdrives are all you’ll ever need. It’s compact yet it performs just as well as the other compact flash drives which are out in the market. As the world’s smallest hard drive, it is able to give you the flexibility, speed and storage that you expect from the storage media leader.

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