Hitachi 1.5 LCD TV Hands-On

LCD in its slimmest, Hitachi offers 1.5, for the best LCD experience ever.


A lightweight 1.5" panel design, Titanium metallic coating applied to the back of the translucent frame – hence, Black Sapphire – and high strength polycarbonate "Crystal" frame (shaped by Computer Aided Design) gives this beauty a sleek and striking look. Hitachi 1.5 LCD boasts of a 360 degree high-gloss finish.

Key features

Its key features include the Picture master HD V digital video which optimizes picture performance of all incoming source materials. An automatic 3:2 film enhancement (conversion on Film’s 24 individual frames per second to TV 60 frames per second) enables Hitachi 1.5 to achieve the highest resolution possible. Its display panel features has an ultra clear 13366 x 768 high resolution picture.

It has a 178 degree viewing angle IPS LCS. Hitachi 1.5 boasts of an innovative LCD technology which delivers a wider viewing angle, excellent response time & low power consumption. Lead-free EEFL High Efficiency Back Light offers vibrant, bright picture wtih 20% better efficiency and longer life than other LCDs. Ventilation system uses fanless computer-inspired technology which allows display panel to maintain its thinness.

Additional features

Other features include multiple languages onscreen, and custom color temperature and digital color management – 16 bit/281 trillion color capacity. Discrete IR Codes – in sync when using universal remote. Illuminated learning & macro remote.

The Hitachi Ultra Thin 1.5 HDTV LCD series comes in three sizes, 42", 37" & 32".

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