Hippus HandShoe Mouse

Frequent PC users usually have many physical complaints about many things associated with their computer. Some of the more commonly used PC devices can sometimes cause a number of physical problems especially if they are being used quite regularly. One of these devices is the ordinary PC mouse. It has been the cause of a number of physical complaints such as pain, tingling and numbness involving the hands, shoulders and arms.

Since the PC mouse is a very common device used by computer users, it pays to use one that is ergonomically designed. One such example is this unique HandShoe Mouse. It is a uniquely designed PC mouse that helps minimize stress and tension in your wrist and hands the longer you use it. It is ergonomically designed to provide full support for the hands and wrist with controls and buttons specially placed to prevent undue muscle strain. In order to maximize its effects, there are different versions for right handed and left handed users. The HandShoe Mouse is available at the HandShoe Mouse website for US$99 for the standard wired version. The standard wireless version costs US$119.

Image Source: Hand Shoe Mouse

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