Hippih HipKey

It is easy for people sometimes to overlook their keys and devices like mobile phones when they go out and about. Some may mindlessly forget where they put a device such as a smartphone or just a set of keys and leave it somewhere unsafe. Finding it then becomes quite a challenge. This is something that most people would want to avoid. Thanks to new technology, there are now devices such as the Hippih HipKey that might help people become more aware of their valuables and find them quicker in the process.

The Hippih HipKey Proximity and Movement Alarm is a simple yet novel device designed to keep track of your iDevice as well as other similar devices during emergencies. Once paired with a mobile device via Bluetooth, it can set up a 50-metre safe zone where both the Hippih HipKey and your mobile device should stay together. But once the two get separated, the device as well as the smartphone will emit a loud alarm to notify the device owner that either two are not together. It notifies the owner early before something gets lost in the process.

The Hippih HipKey encased in a 55mm housing with 7mm sides and weighs 22g. It comes with a rechargeable battery that provides power for the device. The Hippih HipKey is available at the Apple Store for 70 UK pounds or around US$112.

Image Source: Apple Store

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