HipKey Helps You Find Lost iPhone

There are hundreds of devices out there that aim to help you locate your lost items. Here is another one that would help you find your missing iPhone.

The Danish-made HipKey was introduced to the attendees of CES 2013, with no less than the creator Danny van der Poel travelling all the way from Denmark to demonstrate how it works. The HipKey is about the size of a quarter, making it really easy to put into your pant pocket or attach it to a keychain as seen in the photo. It communicates with its compatible iOS tracking app and uses Bluetooth to let you know how near or far you are from your precious iPhone, as long as your smartphone is charged.

The HipKey can locate your iPhone by up to 50 meters (164 feet), enough to cover your cluttered home or a small parking lot.

Apple is already selling HipKey on its European website in 20 countries since November 2012 and will begin to offer the tiny iPhone locator in the United States beginning January 15th. Van der Poel is hoping he could woo other retailers into stocking his HipKey, which retails at $89.95.

Source: USA Today

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