High Tech Clip Board For Coaches

E-Ink Electronic Playboard

Coaches are often seen with clipboards on hand where they try to plan and make plays. In its current state, it has not changed one bit over the years. But an innovative and high tech concept by Gordon Yeh from Iota Creations would try to change all that. 

Mr. Yeh has designed what could be a high tech clipboard for coaches. Called the E-ink Electronic Coach Playboard, this unique clipboard may just be the most technologically advanced clipboard for coach use. It makes use of E-Ink Technology that allows coaches to draw up strategies on the playboard the high tech way. 

For one, the clipboard comes with batteries as well as templates for fields and courts of different types of sports such as basketball, soccer, baseball, football and more. What makes it unique is that the plays drawn up by the coach can be reviewed and replayed several times to help the players keep it in mind. It also has animation and imaging features that allows coaches to review and examining image plays with the option for electronic writing above them on the clipboard. This high tech clipboard is quite a great concept for coaches and teams to use in practice as well as actual games. It is still on the design stage without any word on when it will become available though.

Image Source: Yanko Design

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