High Star Memo Board Alarm Clock

Some gadgets are just quite unique that it makes them stand out. But there are also others that will make you think twice first if they ever would take off as a unique gadget. Gadgets like this High Star Memo Board Alarm Clock will make you wonder just how to different functions work out for its users.

The High Star Memo Board Alarm Clock is a unique combination of an illuminated glass memo board and an alarm clock in one. The memo board can be a place where you might easily jot an idea or a reminder that you thought off just before going to sleep. It can also be a convenient means to write a dream, an inspiration or some other mental nuggets that may come out of nowhere. The alarm clock may then wake you up to get you to notice what you have jotted down on the memo the first thing you wake up.

In a way, this glowing memo board and alarm clock may also have a very useful function it its own unique way. It also has an added 4-port USB hub feature to boot. The High Star Memo Board Alarm Clock can be yours by heading to Brando for US$19

Image Source: High Star

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