High Capacity Solar Charger

Charging your various portable devices outdoors becomes more convenient if you have a handy solar charger to bring along. With many such devices now available, the better choices are usually those that offer better and faster charging times as well as support a variety of different devices. This new High Capacity Solar Charger from Chinavasion quite fits the bill.

This new High Capacity Solar Charger may just well be a valuable device for any frequent traveler. Aside from its solar panels that converts solar energy into electrical power, this device also is equipped with a powerful 20,000 mAh battery where the power can be stored. This device can also be charged through other conventional means aside from leaving it out in the sun. and more importantly, this High Capacity Solar Charger comes with 29 unique adapter tips to accommodate almost any type of device that requires some much needed charging on the go. This handy device is available at Chinavasion for US$148.

Image Source: Chinavasion

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