Hifiman HM-801Portable Audio Player

The Hifiman HM-801 Portable Audio Player surely does not look like something that would instantly appeal to the general consumer. Its looks may be likened to a device made in the 80’s rather than something made just recently. And for that, the Hifiman HM-801 may not necessarily attract a lot of people of buying it immediately once they see it.

But then, this unique device is designed for a select group of people who are into serious music. It may just appeal to more serious audiophiles who take music quality more seriously than what conventional devices may offer. The Hifiman HM-801 may just be able to offer that because it is one of those very few audio players that support FLAC and WMA lossless formats usually used for their ability to keep audio quality intact at its best form. The Hifiman portable audio player also has its own Burr-Brown amplifier built-in which is also designed to be removable in case users would want to change it into something better. And because it is a gadget for only the most serious of audiophiles, its price of US$700 does set it back a bit. The Hifiman HM-801 PMP is slated for release sometime in June. For now, you can try to check it out at the Head-Fi website.

Image Source: Head-Fi

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