hi-Fun hi-Call Bluetooth Gloves

As a kid, you might have imagined using your hand as a telephone by fashioning it in a way that the thumb is paced in your ear and your pinky as the mouthpiece. Even as an adult, you might have used it to signal someone far off from speaking distance to call you. This time, you do not need to imagine using it for calling, because it is now possible using the hi-Fun hi-Call Bluetooth Gloves.

The hi-Call Bluetooth Gloves from hi-Fun are unique in the sense that they do not just protect your hands from the harsh cold of the upcoming winter. It also works as a Bluetooth receiver that contains a speaker at the thumb tip and a microphone on the pinky tip. What this does is make your classic “phone hand” position to actually answer calls. The gloves also come with a control pad on the wrist area for answering and ending calls. Pair it up with your smartphone and you can use your hands to call, literally. The hi-Call Bluetooth Gloves are currently available for pre-order at Firebox for 50 UK Pounds or around US$80. Although no date of availability is provided, surely it will be available come wintertime.

Image Source: Firebox

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