Hexoskin Arctic Smart Shirt

Hexoskin Arctic Smart Shirthttp://www.gadget.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Hexoskin-Arctic-Smart-Shirt.jpgThere are athletes or just the health conscious lot that are always into keeping track of their fitness and physical condition. It helps provide them with a way to determine if they are performing well and are effective in their fitness programs. There are a lot of biometric devices now available out there. But the new Hexoskin Arctic Smart Shirt takes it to another level.

The Hexoskin Arctic Smart Shirt provides more than just a protective cover for your upper body. It is designed to provide protection against the cold even in Arctic weather. People no longer have to worry about stopping their outdoor fitness training while in the cold while wearing the Hexoskin Arctic Smart Shirt. This unique shirt also comes with tiny fabric sensors that can monitor step count, heart rate, calories burned and even sleep duration. It is also designed to monitor heart rate recovery, heart rate variability, breathing volume and rate. Other data it can measure include acceleration, cadence, activity level and much more. In short, the Hexoskin Arctic Smart Shirt can monitor what most other biometric systems lack. The shirt comes with a small Bluetooth device connected to the sensors and placed in a special side pocket that wearers will not even know it is there. It sends the information it gathers to a connected smartphone or via a Web portal. Users can then review their performance and make adjustments needed for optimum fitness. The Hexoskin Arctic Smart Shirt is set to be available in the market in December for around $199.

Image Source: Hexoskin

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