HexBright Flex Open Source LED Flashlight

HexBright Flex FlashlightHaving a flashlight handy during emergencies is always important. It should be bright and provide light for hours on end since some emergencies can take that long to address. But it would be more interesting to have a flashlight that offers more than just a steady light. Some may want it to flash, to change into different levels of brightness or even as a signaling device. Not all flashlights in the market can do all these all of the time. The HexBright Flex Open Source LED Flashlight aims to change all that.

The HexBright Flex is a unique type of super bright LED light in that it is programmable. How many flashlights are there in the market that contains this function? Virtually none until HexBright Flex becomes available. It is considered as the world’s first open source LED flashlight. Why open source? Because this LED flashlight comes with its own integrated microprocessor that can be programmed to do a variety of functions. This unique LED flashlight connects to a computer via USB. Owners can then program it using open source codes to make it do a particular function- signal in Morse code, provide blinking lights and many others.

The HexBright Flex comes with a LED bulb that can provide up to 500 lumens of light. It comes with a rugged all-aluminum body and well protected from the elements. The six-inch flashlight can last up to an hour of continuous light at full 500 lumens. In medium mode at 175 lumens, the flashlight can last for up to 8 hours. In low mode at 50 lumens, it can last for up to 30 hours. This LED flashlight also comes with its own rechargeable lithium ion battery, USB cable and wall charger. The HexBright Flex Open Source LED Flashlight is now available at HexBright for US$99.

Image Source: HexBright

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