Hermit Interactive Napping Screen

Hermit Interactive Napping Screen

Ever felt like you wanted to sleep while in class, but felt embarrassed that other people might see your dribbling-while-asleep mode?  Then you are just in luck! An Australian design student named Kerry Jia Yi has developed an "interactive napping screen" called "Hermit" for people who want to take a shuteye on a desk.

Described as an "experimental interactive shell," the Hermit provides private space for people who want to hide while taking a nap.  It works by attaching RFID tags on your arms and as you cross them while taking a nap on the table, the Hermit automatically unfolds its felt-made shell to cover your head and back. 

Attached LEDs also indicate whether you do not want to be disturbed.  Green light means "I’m still awake, poke me in the back if you need me," while red light means "Do not disturb me while napping over Math class."  It also features a microphone, which collects ambient sound.  If the noise from the outside is too loud, the shell would fold out on its own.

Still struggling on how it works?  Check out the video.  However, wouldn’t it be better if you simply throw a coat or blanket over your head?

Image source:  Nini Studio

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