Hercules Launches New eCafe Netbook Line

The netbook market has somehow been affected by the popularity surge of tablet PC’s. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that this sector may be going to virtual extinction. There are still a lot of people who might prefer the use of netbooks and there are manufacturers who still believe that there is still a healthy demand for the said device. One of such companies is Hercules as it recently launched a line of new eCafe netbooks.

Hercules has released two new eCafe netbook models featuring 10-inch display screens- the eCafe Slim HD and the eCafe EX HD. Both netbooks are designed to be ultra-mobile entertainment devices with each catering to certain user needs. The eCafe Slim HD may be the slimmest and lightest device in its category, measuring only 0.8 inch thick and weighs just 1.9 lbs. But it offers most of the essential user features like 3 USB ports, Ethernet port, headphone and mic connectors as well as a card reader.

The Hercules eCafe HD, on the other hand, comes with a 13 hour battery life, making it a good device to use for movie marathons as well as use for real life conditions. It comes with an HDMI port to allow users the option to watch content on their HDTV. It measures 1.1 inch thick and weighs only 2.4 lbs., still quite ultra-ultraportable even with such device features. The Hercules eCafe Slim HD and eCafe EX HD netbooks has just been made available. The Slim HD is expected to retail at US$229 while the EX HD will cost around US$269.

Image Source: Hercules

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