Hercules Dualpix HD720p Webcam for Notebooks

Hercules Dualpix 720p webcam

One of the coolest features in most notebooks is the integrated webcam above the screen.  However, many notebook and netbook models have webcams that date as far back as the Jurassic Period:  Tiny, slow, and can only cover up to a limited range of pixels.

If you like your webcam as up-to-date as the notebook you carry around, perhaps you might enjoy this latest gadget from Hercules.  The Dualpix HD720p is an ultra-mobile high-definition webcam that delivers up to 720p of high-def video so you can be viewed in better clarity and detail ordinary webcams could not deliver.  Its wide-angle auto-focus lens, enhanced image quality even in low light conditions, and a built-in microphone creates a whole new level of online communication.

The Hercules Dualpix HD720p can rotate on two axes so you can capture the best angle possible, even in positions that ordinary webcams could not capture.  It can even automatically rotate the picture angle and detect your position, keeping your image upright no matter how bad you position this webcam.  Simply clip the Dualpix webcam on the notebook screen, whether on top or sideways, and start connecting with your friends and loved ones.

The integrated Hercules Xtra Controller Pro software suite enables you to share photographs, videos, and even live music tracks during chat.  The Hercules Dualpix HD720p is available starting in early September 2009 at online retailers for US$59.99.

Image source:  Hercules.com

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