Help Lock Doorknob

help lock doorknob

Most families nowadays have old folks in their households. I guess this can’t be helped. Unfortunately, there are things about the oldies that we cannot handle 24/7. Like falling down accidentally and finding it hard to get up from that fall.

Good thing there’s a solution for this problem, brought to us by Designer Haishan Deng. The Help Lock Doorknob works by setting up a time limit so that the doorknob can initiate an alert call to whatever number you’ve chosen to enter after you have allotted a certain amount of time for the alarm to go off.

Be it the number of your neighbor or an emergency number such as the ambulance, the alarm that will not be turned off will automatically contact the emergency number you saved on this machine.

In that sense, this gadget seemingly takes a huge worry off our shoulders. But come to think about it, does forcing an old person to scramble from a bathtub to deactivate an alarm that you forgot about sound appealing? I think not. But then again, accident-prone people just might get the hang of this thing. Well, they have to, anyway.

The price of this doorknob is still under the rug, so to speak.


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