The Hello Sense For Better Sleep

Hello SenseSleep has become a valuable luxury for many people in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. People have become too busy and stressed that they sleep less than ever before. Some even develop habits that make it more difficult for them to sleep when they need to. Sometimes, it is not the duration but the quality of sleep that one gets. But you may need a sleep tracker or monitor to help you determine if you get a good night’s sleep each evening. The Hello Sense is a device that will let you keep track of your sleep quality in a less intrusive way.

The Hello Sense is a device that helps you keep track of how you sleep at night. This device comes with a little round sensor called the Sleep Pill that keeps track of your sleep. Users can easily attach it to your pillow instead of wearing it. This becomes a less intrusive option because users need not wear anything. The Sleep Pill is also virtually indestructible and does not require servicing. Just leave it in the pillow and it keeps track of the tiniest movements users make, thanks to a six-axis accelerometer and gyroscope. The Sleep Pill then wirelessly sends the information to the Hello Sense via Bluetooth.

The Hello Sense can also monitor the surroundings to indicate if it is in optimum sleeping conditions. It monitors temperature and lighting and glows green if the room is optimized for sleeping. The device also provides some white and pink noise if you need some relaxing background sound to help you sleep.

The Hello Sense app also acts as an alarm to get you off your bed to wake up in the morning. If it senses that you are already up before the alarm, it wakes you up instead of giving you another 15 minutes, avoiding that feeling of grogginess upon waking up. The Hello Sense is a good way to help keep track of your sleeping habits as it gives you your sleep score for every night. This will let you know where you need to improve. The Hello Sense is currently available for pre-order for $129, which includes the Hello Sense and one Sleep Pill. It is expected to ship by December of this year.

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