Hello Kitty Camcorder

Of course, every gadget in the world has to have a Hello Kitty counterpart. Japanese camera manufacturer Exemode just introduced the Hello Kitty DV520KT, a 5MP CMOS camcorder highlighted by the famous cat saying “Hi” on the cover.

The specs are pretty much average: Enables to record videos in below-HD standards, saves the files on SD or SDHC cards (up to 8GB), a 2-inch TFT LCD screen, 32MB of built-in memory, LED light, and a USB 1.1 port. Videos and pictures can be uploaded directly to social networking sites like Flickr and YouTube. The camera is powered by two AAA batteries.

Despite the not-so-exciting features, we expect throngs of girls to buy this $90-camera when it strikes Japan on June 25.

Source: Nikkan, via CrunchGear

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