Hello Kitty Black and Gold Digital Audio Player from Iriver

Hello Kitty music player, a portable digital audio player from Japan

No matter how much you may cringe about it, there will never be enough Hello Kitty gadgets.  Take a look at this Hello Kitty portable media player from iriver.

Small in size, this black-and-gold digital audio player comes in 2GB and 4GB storage options.  Other features include a USB cable, ear phones, a lanyard that lets you attach the cute player on your bag strap or belt loop, and even a tiny gold flower to replace Hello Kitty’s bow just in case you travel to a tropical island.

The PMP is compatible to the Drag and Drop music transfer interface of Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7 32-bit. 

This Hello Kitty Premium Music Player is released in Japan, just in time for holiday shopping.  It costs ¥7,980 (around US$90).

Image source:  iriver

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