Hello Kitty 2009 Limited Edition Swarovski Watch

Hello Kitty Swarovski Watch

Fans of the world’s cutest feline have something new – and flashy – to add to their collection. Not that they would ever run out of items to collect, but this one’s far more classy than the rest.

Hello Kitty has recently released their 2009 limited edition Swarovski-encrusted wristwatch.

The Hello Kitty Swarovski watches are designed in Italy by Vabene, and created in Japan by Citizen, one of the world’s best-known watch manufacturers. Swarovski crystals dot the watch face and the frame.

It’s the best gift you could get a collector friend, your little girl or even yourself!

Cute as it is, it doesn’t do much. This girly watch is not for the techy types, as it doesn’t have cool, techy features or functions. It’s designed simply as a cute, wrist accessory that tells the time.

The 2009 Hello Kitty Limited Edition Swarovski Wristwatch is a available in pink and white for $579.99. It’s available online on Gizmine, Japan’s gadget exporter.

Image source: Gizmine

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