Helios Solar-Powered BBQ Grill

helios solar powered bbq

With "Going Green" becoming more popular than ever, there is a greater demand for gadgets and appliances that not only provide a certain usable function but also tries to take care not to harm the environment while doing so. And for this reason, "Green Gadgets" has become an attractive option. These are gadgets that are known to be ecologically friendly to the environment. Such may be what the Helios BBQ Grill will become.

The Helios BBQ grill is still in its concept stage. But what a concept it is. It tries to make use of solar power to cook your favorite barbecued dish. Yes, you no longer have to depend on using petroleum products just to barbecue in your backyard. With the Helios BBQ Grill, the sun will supply the heating power for your grill in order to cook your favorite dish. It makes use of a solar dish that tries to capture the heat energy from the sun and use it to cook whatever you place on top of the grill.

The concept was offered by Sean McGreevy and would be an interesting departure to how you may perceive a BBQ grill to be. And with the sun to heat it up, you can enjoy your barbecue with friends and you don’t have to feel guilty about polluting the environment. But unfortunately, the neighbors might still be able to smell what you are cooking and may be compelled to join in at times. That would require a whole new different concept.


Image Source: Sean McGreevy via Coroflot.com


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