Hela Throwing Disc

Just because they are called toys does not always mean that they are just for kids. There are toys out there that are fun to play with even by grownups. And there are also toys that are deemed not suitable for kids to play with. This Hela Throwing Disc may be considered a toy but is something that grownups play with.

The Hela Throwing Disc is a uniquely-shaped throwing disc designed to go farther with less energy needed for throwing. It can be thrown in distances up to 50 to 300 feet away. It is even more accurate when thrown as it is designed to better endure wind gusts of up to 15mph. Weighted ends makes it able to  stabilize even in mid-flight. It is also engineered to change its shape during its flight. The Hela Throwing Disc is available at Amazon for US$19.

Image Source: Amazon

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