Heko Watch by Tokyoflash

Heko watch from Tokyoflash.com

Tokyoflash.com has been known among gadget geeks as a watch manufacturer that loves to develop wristwatches that make it so hard to decipher time. It would take a lot of effort to even read the time, but that does not deter its millions of fans who are eager to own one of them. Tokyoflash’s latest product is inspired from on the placement of the hours on the analogous clock. The Heko watch is no exception to Tokyoflash’s modern yet conservatively-designed items, but you think it would last for long?

Cheap price for a high-tech gift – The clock consists of 16 LEDs. The top and bottom rows have four LEDs each, with two lights between them to indicate one-hour or 15-minute intervals. The four lights in the middle are used when the minutes do not divide by 5, such as 1:37 pm.

Apart from the seemingly indecipherable LEDs, the Heko watch comes in polished stainless steel, with sharp parallel line and mirrored lenses that give this watch an elegant appearance as well as a sense of mystique.

Heko is worn like a bracelet, thanks to its streamlined case, making it ideal for large and small wrist sizes. The wristwatch also comes with its bold buttons at the side, which adds a sense of power to the wearer.

 Hours are presented on the upper screen, with four lights representing the hours on a clock (12:00, 3:00, 6:30. and co-nominated). Meanwhile, there are one or two LEDs in between the lights on the upper screen. Lastly, the four LEDs at the middle indicate minutes that are not dividable by year.

The stainless steel watch comes in three colors: white, blue, or multi-colored LEDs and is available for only 9,800 yes (US$109).

(Image source: TokyoFlash.com)

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