Heated Huggable Unicorn

Huggable Heated UnicornPeople wish to have something to hug on to when they are alone, most especially during cold nights. If not another warm body beside them, it can be a pillow or a favorite plush toy. Those who are alone may find it a better idea to have this Heated Huggable Unicorn instead, especially during the colder nights.

The Heated Huggable Unicorn comes with a technicolor tail and mane. Its longing eyes will convince you to give it a hug it all the time. Its horn comes with a soft core to prevent it from poking out your eyes accidentally. It also has a soothing lavender smell to help your feel more relaxed.

But what makes the Heated Huggable Unicorn even more special is that it is filled with magic beans that heat up when you place it inside a microwave. It gives you with something warm to hug on to during cold nights and even mornings. It can stay warm and toasty for hours. It is a cute and a better option available compared to hugging that old hot water bottle for warmth. The Heated Huggable Unicorn is available at Firebox for around 20 Pounds, which is around $31.

Image Source: Firebox

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