HDPC Smartphone and Ultra-Mobile PC Hybrid


Smartphones come in mind first when you need a mobile device that can carry out complex tasks. Nowadays, however, many operating systems used on smartphones are different from the desktop ones. While ultra-mobile PCs (UMPCs) offer great possibilities, they are without phone function. Luckily, MIU has integrated phone into UMPC and developed Hybrid Dual PC (HDPC), making an almost perfect portable gadget.

The HDPC features a 4-inch LCD (800 x 480 pixel), QWERTY keyboard, touchpad, two 1W speakers, and game controllers. The device also fits in a 30GB or 60GB HDD and ports including PS2 mouse/keyboard connector and USB2.0. It also comes with Bluetooth 2.0, 5MP camera, webcam, and 802.11b/g, maximum 4GB RAM.

Battery life is 7 hours at high power settings or around 90 hours at low power. This multi-use device falls down on size, with dimensions of 160 x 65 x 25 mm and weight of 387 g. Although the HDPC is bulky, it nevertheless boasts its multi-functionality. This device is certainly a pocket-stretcher. The good news is that it is not a wallet-stretcher. The HDPC is available for a reasonable price of $400-$500.

Image Source: MIU

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