HD Spy Camera Desktop Clock

Checking up on your things while you’re away can only be possible if you have technology on your side. Spy cameras, for example can be used to help you check out your things at home or in the office without anyone knowing. You can try out this unique HD Spy Camera Clock to watch over your things for you while you are away.

The HD Spy Camera Clock is a desktop accessory that can be quite common for other people to suspect as a camera. It is able to capture video as well as images secretly in high definition. It also features a motion detector that will capture and record anything that it detects moving in front of it. You can simply leave it in your desk at home or at the office and check it out the next day to see what it captures while you are away. The HD Spy Camera Desktop Clock is available at Chinavasion for US$41.

Image Source: Chinavasion

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