Hawk Humanoid Robot

Hawk Robot

The Canadian company Dr. Robot introduces a humanoid, autonomous, and wireless robot named Hawk.  This unique robot has WiFi, a built-in GPS navigation system, an animated head, as well as a lot of other cameras and sensors that keep the robot functioning.

Originally intended for educational purposes, Hawk can only perform a limited range of tasks such as serving drinks and playing drums.  However, his hands are quite advanced to say the least.  Each arm has 6 joints and can reach up to two feet with a maximum lifting weight of 800 grams. 

Its animated head contains two 640 x 480 color cameras that serve as its eyes, while its chest has a 3.5-inch color display that can play .wmv files.  Its localizations and navigation skills provide a collision-free movement from point A to point B.

Hawk is currently on sale.  Although there is no price listed for the actual robot, base parts of Hawk are available within $5,000 range.

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