Harry Winston Opus Eleven Watch

If a typical wrist watch tells the time using the short and the long hands, there are now newer and more intriguing watch designs that seem to veer away from this conventional idea. While others are designed to make telling time even more difficult, there are also others that tell time in a more unique way other than using the typical watch hands. In the case of the new Harry Winston Opus Eleven Watch, “deconstructing” time seems to be the norm.

The Harry Winston Opus Eleven watch looks just as intriguing as the way it tells the time. This complex wrist watch is comprised of 3 overlapping cylinders with a complex arrangement of gears inside. The main cylinder indicates the hour while the smaller one tells the minutes. The other cylinder houses the big titanium balance wheel that keeps the gears running.

What gives the watch an interesting allure is that the hour cylinder is a maze of interlocked but somehow chaotic arrangement of gears that seem to disassemble themselves but rearranges once again to indicate the new hour. This arrangement stays still until the next hour arrives. The Harry Winston Opus Eleven Watch will be something that everyone may not be able to have. Only 111 of them will be made. And at a cost of US$250,000, only the uber rich intrigued enough to have it may be able to afford buying one.

Image Source: Harry Winston

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