Harmonix unveils Chroma: first-person shooter with a beat

Chroma by Harmonix

Chroma from Harmonix

Harmonix has long told Dance Central fans that it might take a while for them to come up with a sequel to the successful third-party game developer to make way for another title, and now it is time to unveil it.

Chroma is unlike any of the studio’s previous games. Available exclusively to PC (via Steam), this free-to-play title combines first-person shooting with rhythm-based gameplay.

The game was developed in collaboration with Hidden Path Entertainment, the same company behind Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Chroma has a very experimental gameplay, wherein players get to choose between five classes of futuristic warriors from assault type to tank just like in any standard first-person shooter. You and your team battle against another team and try to gain control of various points within a level or battling for control of a cart being pushed away in either direction.

The game’s inclusion of rhythm-based mechanics gives the battle an interesting wrinkle. For instance, firing and connecting a sniper shot on the downbeat becomes a one-hit kill. Jump on the downbeat to gain more air. You can even jump on a downbeat on a jump pad and press buttons to the beat so your character continuously jumps from pad to pad.

Chroma by Harmonix

Chroma is currently on alpha mode and reaction has been generally positive. Ben Gilbert of Engadget is “sold” on the game’s ambition, but playing on its current alpha form is “a mess” because of its steep learning curve.

“Rhythm is too complex an input to add to a genre (that is) already packed full of inputs,” Gilbert added. “For what it’s worth, the reps from Harmonix were all keenly aware of the barrier to entry and assured us that a rigorous training program is being created.”

Chroma will become available in closed Alpha this month. You can sign up now while waiting for Harmonix’s announcement of a Dance Central sequel.

Source: Engadget

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