Harman Kardon GLA-55 Glass Speakers

Harman Kardon GLA-55 glass speaker

Harman Kardon has just released an out-of-the-box two-piece computer speaker system, GLA-55 glass speakers. This newest addition to Harman Kardon’s range of PC MP3 speakers does not look like your typical PC speakers as it is made from cut glass and looks like lumps of ice. The company knows a thing or two about good speakers but no one expected it would design the stunningly unique GLA-55 speakers.

The high-end GLA-55 glass speakers provide users high-quality sound. The company describes the model as "stylised multimedia focal point, boasting breathtaking beauty, functionality and impeccable sonic performance", claiming that it is the superior 2.0 speaker system in the market today. The GLA-55 glass speakers do not only have very stylish design, they are also packed with remarkable features. Each speaker offers 56-watt bi-amplified digital amplifier, driving anyone nearby crazy with these glass paperweights.

It also features DSP equalization travelling out to a 3.5mm output. There are also proprietary technologies like a CMMD tweeter, Atlas AL drivers and woofers, and optimization for digital sound. It has touch sensitive volume controls. You can connect the pioneering and superb GLA-55 glass speakers to your computer and iPod with ease. It will surely enhance the way you enjoy music through its crystal clear sound. Only 3,000 glass speakers will be made and are expected to be sold at £500.

Image Source: CyberTheater 

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