Hanvon Officially Launches its TouchPad B10

The CEO of Hanvon started the ball rolling with the company’s formal launch of the TouchPad B10 by smashing onto an apple ice sculpture for all the Chinese press to see, an obvious snide to the manufacturer of the today’s “trendy” tablet, the iPad. The 10.1-inch capacitive multitouch tablet PC runs on Windows 7 on a 1.3GHz Intel Celeron MULV743 processor and GMA 4500 graphics chipset.

Other noteworthy specs include 2GB of memory, choice of 250GB or 320 GB hard disk, 3.5 hours battery life, HDMI out, and WiFi.

Although the company is poised to become the “iPad Killer” with its TouchPad B10, we are still a bit worried about the fate of this gadget. This tablet costs about 500 euros (about US$635), but we are not sure where it will be sold though.

Source: Shanzai, via Engadget

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