Hanergy Thin-Film Solar Charging Pack

Solar power technology has progressed quite a lot these past few years. There are now a number of high efficiency solar panels in the market that makes solar power an even more viable clean energy alternative. Flexibility and convenience are also features that make the technology even more enticing, such as what the new Hanergy Thin-Film Solar Charging Pack offers.

The Hanergy Thin-Film Solar Charging Pack makes use of world-leading technology in order to make flexible and thin solar charging panel. It is also efficient enough to even generate power in low light and low temperature environments. People can now use this to charge their smartphones and other portable devices while on the go.

The Hanergy Thin-Film Solar Charging Pack can practically provide power when needed at all times. Aside from the flexible and efficient solar panels, it also comes with a 5000mAh capacity power bank. The free-folding thin-film solar panels make the device lightweight and easy to carry and store.  It is even designed to meet aviation management requirements so people can take it with them when taking commercial flights. The Hanergy Thin-Film Solar Charging Pack is set to be available sometime in July. No pricing details have been provided yet.

Image Source: PRNewswire

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