Hand Tree Personal Air Purifier

We always complain about how polluted the urban air has become and wearing a face mask can be stiffling. A designer from Russia has come up with an gadget idea that helps clean the air around you, and probably across the entire planet. The Hand Tree, created by Alexandr Kostin, is a wristband that works as your personal air purifier.

The design concept is among the finalists in the annual Electrolux Design Lab competition, where the winner will receive 5,000 euros (US$6,500) and a six-month paid internship at an Electrolux global design center.

The Hand Tree works as an anti-pollution bracelet and it does so by adapting plant-like functions: taking carbon dioxide in and releasing fresh oxygen. It also filters dust, harmful gases, smoke, and other air-borne contaminants. The device also sports an optional fragrance pack.

The device can be set in Personal Mode to filter the air around you, or in Global Mode to purify the air in general. Users can also set Hand Tree to work automatically, where it independently customizes its mechanism according to the amount of dust in the air.

The Hand Tree has a lot of promise as a future green device. The bottomline now is whether the city folks would be able to afford it should it go through mass production.

Source: Electrolux Design Lab, via Mashable

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