Hand Paper Shredder

There are instances where you would want to get rid of sensitive documents that you don’t want in the hands of other people. Just simply throwing them in a trash can won’t be safe at all. Having a paper shredder can be a wonderful device to have in such cases. But having a Hand Paper Shredder may even be a better option most of the time.

This Hand Paper Shredder can help you get rid of your paper trash that turns out to also be sensitive documents. It is a manually powered paper shredder that can conveniently shred receipts, bills, and even those sensitive photos. All you need to do is insert a document into the device and a twist of the wrists can them beyond recognition of what data they may contain. It does not need any batteries or power to use and is quite handy to bring along in your bag. The Hand Paper Shredder is available at ThinkGeek for US$24.

Image Source: ThinkGeek

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