Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite Desk

Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite Desk

Fans of Star Wars will definitely be lusting after this Tom Spina-designed desk.

The Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite Desk is made of metal and fiber glass with a heavy glass top, with dials and fiddles detailing on the side.

According to the website, this table is a custom one-off design for a client; meaning it is almost certainly not an officially licensed Star Wars merchandise.

While I am not a huge fan of this particular piece of furniture-art (let’s face it, it is kind of creepy) I am sure a lot of Star Wars fans would die to have this thing parked in their study, den, or office. While a some complain that the desk is too low, I’m pretty sure it’s nothing an adjustable chair could not fix.

Check out this desk at TomSpinaDesigns.com

Image source: TomSpinaDesigns.com

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