The Halo Belt

Halo BeltSome people like to go out on a jog or a walk in the evenings before dinner or heading to bed. It is their preferred time to relax or keep fit. It helps with working the stress out of the system. But sometimes, going out for a walk or jog in the evenings can come with risks. Even though you live in a safe neighborhood, going out on the side of the road in relative darkness can be inviting accidents. First of all, you need to make yourself visible all the time. This new Halo Belt can do it for you without adding inconvenience to your nightly jog or walks.

The Halo Belt is a good accessory to bring along during your night walks or jogs. This belt illuminates using tiny LED bulbs to provide 360-degree visibility in the dark. It is an ideal safety belt to wear in order to avoid being sideswiped by an incoming car while you have your evening jog. It provides two modes if lighting- continuous and flashing. This will enable you to have a source of light to know where you are going as well as illumination to make you more visible in the dark night. Its rechargeable lithium ion batteries can provide illumination for hours, up to 36 hours in flashing mode.

The Halo Belt is water resistant. But you cannot submerge it in water. Its elastic nylon and plastic construction allows it to stretch up to size 46. It is light enough so it will not be a problem wearing it while you jog. The Halo Belt is available at Touch of Modern for $40 for the regular size and $30 for the smaller version. You can choose from the blue, red and green LED light options.

Image Source: Touch of Modern

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