Hairdo Cookie Cutter

Hairdo Cookie CutterThis one is just right up any kid’s alley. It is not some fancy gadget in any case. You know how some kids just love to play with food. But most parents will dismiss it as just fooling around. Well, this can make playing with food creative for the kids. It is the Hairdo Cookie Cutter.

The Hairdo Cookie Cutter is a unique type of cookie cutter that creates a character called Sam into a cookie. But it gets better. Kids can then try to take a bite off the cookie and try to create Sam’s hairdo in the process. Kids, and even adults, will have a blast trying to create what they think will look good as Sam’s hairdo, one bite at a time.

The Hairdo Cookie Cutter may be a good excuse for kids to try to play with food as they try to eat it. It also adds a creative element into a simple pleasure as enjoying a cookie. The Hairdo Cookie Cutter is designed by Avihai Shurin and is available at Monkey Business site for $11.

Image Source: Monkey Business

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