HackShield Backpack: For hackers on the run

HackShield Backpack

HackShield Backpack

Do you know your laptop can still transmit and receive information even when it is closed? And it can happen without your permission? Even smartphones and tablets in sleep mode are prone to hack attacks with the use of radio frequency-based transmissions.

The HackShield Backpack by Das Keyboard offers a very unique proposition: you can store your gadgets in it without having to worry about mobile security breaches. It is the first backpack to sport radio frequency-block material to keep your laptop, tablet, smartphone, wallet, passport, and other secured data, without the risk of interference through RF-based hacks. This gear is ideal for those who keep a lot of sensitive data in their gadgets.

HackShield Backpack

The bag’s single large exterior zipper is hidden for security purposed and fastens using a special magnetic clasp. The HackShield Backpack comes with padded straps and a back cushion, a red mesh contrast fabric, and can fit most 15-inch laptops. Its interior consists of two RFID-blocking sleeves, nine pouches, and a zippered pocket. The backpack is weather-resistant and has additional drop protection to keep your gadgets safe.

The HackShield Backpack is available online for $179.

Source: ThinkGeek

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