GyroPalm Smart Watch Comes With Gesture Control

Smart watches have become quite common nowadays. Not only do they tell time, they also help as a notification device, a fitness gadget, and even a health monitor. But now, there is an added function being introduced into this smart wearable in the form of the new GyroPalm Smart Watch.

The GyroPalm Smart Watch is a new wearable with features unseen in other devices in its category. It is equipped with intuitive gesture recognition technology. A gesture of the wearer’s wrist can control functions of computers, appliances, robotics, and other IoT devices. It also has the typical features of a standard smart watch such as notifications, step tracking, and others. In a way, it is a smart watch that may have more to offer.

The gesture controls that the GyroPalm Smart Watch can extend to devices and gadgets within 3,000 feet away. With the correct setup using Wi-Fi, wearers can even control connected devices and appliances from different parts of the world. This smart watch offers customized gestures to control certain functions. With long range motion controls, wearers no longer have to move from one room to another just to control certain gadgets. The resilient motion control system the smart watch uses can also work even in noisy or dark environments.

Wearing the GyroPalm Smart Watch can help offer additional features to your smart home. You may be able to control appliances with your gestures this time instead of pushing buttons on an app. It provides you with an improved sense of freedom and flexibility in a way. There are other devices and accessories available that will be compatible with the GyroPalm Smart Watch and the gesture control technology it offers. It may seem like an innovation today, but this feature may just become quite common in the near future with its level of usability and function. The GyroPalm Smart Watch is currently on a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo. Early birds can pre-order one for just around $228. This is 40 percent lower that its estimated retail price once it comes out sometime in July of next year.

Image Source: Indiegogo

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