Gunnar Optiks Wi-Five Eyewear

Gunnar Optiks Wi-Five

Poor eyesight has become an increasing problem especially in the Digital Age where more and more people spend their time on a television set or a PC monitor for longer periods of time. This can lead to eye fatigue and may cause vision to deteriorate over time in case it is not being adequately protected.

It is because of such concerns that some companies like Gunnar Optiks have come up with eye wear such as the Wi-Five to help people enjoy better vision despite the increasing threats all around. The Gunnar Optiks eyewear such as the Wi-Five is made using lens incorporating the company’s i-AMP technology lenses that helps reduce eye fatigue caused by viewing PC monitors for longer periods of time. What makes eyewear such as the Wi-Five quite appealing is that they are also elegantly designed and quite cool enough to wear without looking like a nerd. The Wi-Five is available at Gunnar Optiks for US$99.

Image Source: Gunnar Optiks

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