Gululu Go Smart Water Bottle For Kids

People know how important it is to always stay hydrated. But for most kids, it may not be something that matter to them all the time. This can affect their health and well-being if they do not get enough water daily. The Gululu Go water bottle will want to change that.

Developing Drinking Habits In Kids

The Gululu Go is a smart water bottle for kids. It is designed to help the small ones develop the habit of drinking fluids on their own. It does so by making the water bottle more interactive. The Gululu Go houses an interactive pet that kids need to care for. Drinking fluids becomes a goal that kids will find fun. Once the goals of drinking water are met, kids will be able to unlock new skills for their pets as well as treasures. As kids learn to enjoy doing this day to day, it helps them develop a daily healthy routine that will benefit them for a lifetime.

The Gululu Go also comes with a built-in sound speaker to enable the smart water bottle to “talk back” to its owner and provide a means of motivation for them to follow a drinking routine. It goes a long way in teaching kids a great habit through fun and play. The Gululu Go smart water bottle is now available at their website for $119.

Image Source: Gululu Go


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