Guitar Hero Onto The Nintendo DS

Guitar Hero for DS

The Guitar Hero phenomenon has just invaded the world of the handhelds. Nintendo will be putting out the widely popular Guitar Hero game from Activision on its Nintendo DS handheld units. Now Nintendo DS owners have the opportunity to try our their rock guitar cred with this new and exciting game that would provide some unique rocking experience.

This upcoming game will be sold together with the Guitar Hero Guitar Grip peripheral to allow DS users to enjoy playing along to rock tunes in typical Guitar Hero style. The Guitar Grip is a new peripheral that fits into the DS handheld unit to make it double as a mini pick stylus. It also contains four colored buttons with the game being played just like the usual Guitar Hero style on the miniature level. A stylus is used to strum the guitar string on the screen while the buttons are pressed in time with the buttons flashed on the fret board displayed on the other screen.

Guitar Hero’s brand of play adds a different flavor to how the usual Nintendo DS games are played. It provides a welcome change and a different perspective to how handheld games can be developed in the near future. The Guitar Hero title may just provide a different gaming experience for Nintendo DS gamers that they may just find appealing.

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