GTrek II GPS Data Recorder

GPS devices have become more and more common nowadays. Even smart phones use GPS as a common feature for location tracking. But what they may lack is provide a data record of the locations a user may have gone through. This feature is something that the GTrek II GPS Data Recorder may offer.

To put it simply, the GTrek II GPS Data Recorder is a device that logs and records a user’s journey data via GPS. In its “Log Mode”, the GTrek II will start recording periodic data of your journey. Each full charge of the device can last for a full 25 hours of use. You can get through the data by plugging in the device through your PC.

The GTrek II will then provide you with your location data using Google Maps or Google Earth. It can also give you a readout of the distance covered as well as the speed and the altitudes you have been through during the journey. This may be especially useful for runners, cyclists or even just the regular traveler who wish to keep a record of their trips and many journeys. The GTrek II GPS Data Recorder is available at Firebox for 100 UK Pounds or around US$165.

Image Source: Firebox

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