GTA Online players receive $500,000 “stimulus package”

GTA Online stimulus package

GTA Online stimulus package

Players of Grand Theft Auto Online have dealt with a bunch of problems since it went live, from the usual lags and connection errors to lost characters and vehicles. To ease the frustrations of GTA Online players, Rockstar Games has announced they will receive $500,000 in virtual currency as a “stimulus package” of sorts.

While the online game is working find now, players who have lost their game progess due to past problems would not let go of that easily. That free virtual money from Rockstar Games would provide an opportunity affected GTA Online players to rebuild their characters quickly.

The stimulus package will be sent to players through two deposits of $250,000 each, with the first one expected to be sent “by the end of next week” or by the time Rockstar Games is able to “confirm that issues causing game progress loss have been fixed”. The second installment, meanwhile, will be sent “by the end of the month”.

The company has listed down how GTA Online players would be qualified for the stimulus package, such as having played the game during October 2013 and must be able to install an upcoming Grand Theft Auto V update (version 1.04) next week. The update is expected to fix the remaining issues that caused game progress loss, as well as provide the 500 Gs. Rockstar assures players deposits will be formally announced through its website.

Source: Rockstar Games

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