Gscreen Spacebook Dual Screen Laptop

Gscreen Spacebook Dual Screen Laptop

If you ever think that you may have seen everything there is to see about laptops, then think again. There are other laptop makers that are now trying to challenge how typical laptops are being designed nowadays. One such example is the Gscreen Spacebook laptop.

The Gscreen Spacebook laptop may not be the typical laptop that you might see out in the market today.  This unique laptop sports, among other things, a dual screen display. The Gscreen Spacebook sports two 15.4 inch screens that slide one behind the other. It is designed so that users may be able to do two things at a time. With the Gscreen Spacebook dual screen laptop, people may be able to watch a movie in one screen while surfing the Net on the other. 

It has an Intel Core Duo processor and a 4GB RAM onboard so multi-tasking may not be a problem. The problem though is that the Gscreen Spacebook can become quite a heavy gadget at 12 pounds to have sitting in your lap. And with a price expected to go around US$ 3000, that is something worth considering too. But then, where else can you find any other dual screen laptops nowadays?

Image Source: Gscreen

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