Griffin iTrip Universal FM Transmitter

It would really be quite interesting if you can use your portable music player in other ways. At times, you may want to play and enjoy your music files stored there through your car stereo. But that might be impossible, that is, unless you have a device like the Griffin iTrip Universal FM Transmitter.

The Griffin iTrip Universal is a unique device that can make any portable audio device play your music files via any FM radio. You can connect the Griffin iTrip via the headphone jack of your portable audio device. The Griffin iTrip can then transmit the music playing on your audio device into the nearest FM receiver. This can allow you to play and enjoy your favorite tunes from your FM car stereo or any FM radio for that matter.

You can set up your Griffin iTrip to transmit into any unused FM frequency. Two user presets can be programmed on the device to allow easy recall of the best FM frequencies to transmit to. The Griffin iTrip Universal FM Transmitter is available at Griffin Technology for US$25.

Image Source: Griffin Technology

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