Griffin AirCurve Play for iPhone 4

The Apple iPhone 4 has become another popular and cool gadget to have. Because of it, many accessories have been designed specifically to enhance and even make this popular new smart phone even more useful. Only a few can probably be as unique an accessory like the new Griffin AirCurve Play.

The Griffin AirCurve Play is a unique device that can enhance the sound coming out of the iPhone 4, all without the use of batteries, electronics or cables. This device simply does so with the use of clever engineering technology. This acoustic amplifier can collect the sound from an iPhone and then amplify it using a built-in coiled waveguide.

The AirCurve Play can amplify sounds up to 10 decibels louder than its usual output. This makes an iPhone 4 become a simple audio and video conferencing as well as a great self-contained music player for groups of friends. The Griffin AirCurve Play is available at Griffin for US$20.

Image Source: Griffin

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