Grid-It Gadget Organizer

If you are like any other person on-the-go who has to bring everything with them, you will especially love this.

Imagine bringing all your personal gadgets, from digital cameras to laptops and tablets, in just one bag without the need of carrying another one just for your electronics and not having to worry about them being messy inside your bag. Grid-It by Cocoon Innovations is a uniquely versatile organizer that lets you store all your gadgets, their charging cables, and other small items like your pens and toothbrushes. It is a mat covered in elastics that are woven together. All you have to do is to slide the item through an elastic and it snaps back in place.

You can configure the stored items however you want. Put your tablet at the center and surround it with smaller gizmos, or place the large items on one side and the little ones at the other. The company assures that nothing will fall out of place.

Grid-It is available online in various size specifications and color options, starting at $10.

Source: Thinkgeek

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